University education : Czechs do not mind elitist system of university education

Current situation of university education and its reform are the topics of (not only)political discussions. In contrast to disccusions and and various suggestions the new reform has not occured yet.And what czech citizens think about situation of university education? If we summarize information about university education, we can say the following. Though international comparision published by OECD or World Bank show that Czech Republic belongs to countries with the lowest number of university students in adult population and countries with the lowest number of those, who start studying at the age – when peole start studying university, most of respondents think that enough people have chance to study the university.

Maybe that is a reason why people seem to be satisfied with university education essentially and do not require any reforms. Nevertheless they admit principle of equal chances to universtity education does not operate here, because children of graduates or rich people with contacts have advantage over other people. School tuition (students would have chance to gain a loan or they could pay school tuition after finishing studies) would be supported by half of czech citizens (49%), free university education is suported by two fifths of czech population, almost 10% of people have no opinion about it. Possible financial participation of students on their university education is thought to be a positive step, which would help to increase a number of students and raise their responsibility. On the other hand a big part of czech society suppose financial participation of students to be a possible obstacle for students from families with low income.

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