Czechs and Christmas

In December survey there were included some questions focused on respondents´ relationship to Christmas. Survey showed us that three querters of Czechs are looking forward to Christmas, opposite feeling is shared by every tenth Czech citizen. Almost all respondents give presents to their close family or friends, only 3 % of people do not give presents for anybody. 94 % of respondents suppose Christmas to be family feast, 85 % of addressed citizens keep some customs and traditions.

More than a half of respondents agree with statement that Christmas is important spiritual period (56 %) and they remember the birth of Jesus Christ (54 %). On New Year´s Eve a third of respondents go to the watch night, 64 % of people do not go to this mess.

Almost a fifth of respondents (17 %) feel lonely during Christmas. A half of respondents are worried about how much will Christmas cost them, the other half of people do not share these worries.

Preparations for Christmas are stressful fro a third of respondents, 69 % do not agree with it. More than a half of respondents (56 %) do not support charity at Christmas time on contrary two fifths support charity at this time.

In most Czech households Baby Jezus brings presents according to 92 % of respondents.

5 % of people say that parents, grandmother, etc. bring presents on Christmas Eve.

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