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Czech Public on Local Food – Food 2020


The CVVM also included a large block of questions concerning local food in the special Food 2020 research focused mainly on food waste, shopping, and consumer behaviour of Czech citizens.

Only three-tenths (30%) of the public in the Czech Republic were interested in the topic of local food, while the majority (69%) were rather not interested or not interested at all.

The most important criterion, which, according to the Czech public should be met by the "local food" label, is the information about the place where it was produced (20%) and subsequently that it should be what is considered a quality food (16%).

The majority (61%) of the Czech public believed that there was a shortage of local producers / farmers in the vicinity of their place of residence.

The respondents usually perceived support for local food production from the EU, the Czech Republic, the region and the micro-region as insufficient.