Division of Family Functions

Citizens still have the persisting concept of a man – the breadwinner and on the other hand a woman looking after the household and children. Particularly, the man should financially support the family. Then there are activities, which should be carried out by both partners, or should belong more to men – pursuit of a professional career, further education, getting involved in social functions, initiative in sex, hobbies.

Looking after children should also be pursued by both partners, or a larger part of it should be a woman’s job. Cooking, but also cleaning and grocery shopping are considered by respondents to be more likely woman’s activities – they should be done mainly by a woman, or possibly both, but definitely a larger part should not fall to a man. This traditional view of the family is held more often by people over 60 years of age, on the other hand people between 30-44 years of age with university education are for a more equal division of activities between the partners. The actual situation in the families of the respondents is even closer to the traditional view than are the ideas of the suitable division of functions in the family.