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Premarital sexual activities are judged by the Czech public in a very tolerant way, almost 50 % of respondents think that such relations are usually good and another 33 % consider them as always being good. A total of 11 % of respondents were against “sex before marriage” (regarded as mostly or always bad).

On the other hand, the attitude towards adultery in marriage is not as tolerant, 34 % see it as always bad and 48 % of respondents as mostly bad.

The responses “mostly good” and “always good” were given by 10 and 1.5 % of citizens.

Respondents did not find it difficult to give their opinions about the issues of premarital and out-of-marriage sexual relationships. The answer “do not know” was recorded in 5.4 and 5.9 % cases.

On the other hand a quarter of respondents could not express their stands relating to a sexual relationship of partners of the same sex (25.6 %). Almost 30 % of the citizens approached condemned a homosexual relationship as always bad and 22 % as mostly bad. For 23.2 % of respondents such a relationship is acceptable either mostly (19.7 %) or entirely (3.5 %).

The act on registered partnership is seen as very necessary by 6.5 %, and as very unnecessary by 22.8 % of respondents. The ratio between the answers “relatively necessary” and “relatively unnecessary” is equal (28.3 and 28.5 %). The share of undecided or those not interested in the problem is 13.8 %.