Residence of Foreigners in the Czech Republic

Almost three quarters of respondents agree on the fact that foreigners should have the possibility of gaining long-term residence in the Czech Republic, but only under certain conditions. The opinion that foreigners should not be given the possibility to stay here on a long-term basis was expressed by 17 % of respondents and on the other hand residence without restrictions would be enabled by 6 % of respondents.


Foreigners living in the CZ should adapt to our living habits as much as possible, this is the opinion of 56 % of respondents. A quarter of citizens would prefer foreigners adapting to our habits on a partial basis. The idea that foreigners would live here completely in compliance with their habits was supported by a mere 7 % of citizens.

In the eyes of 23 % of respondents, other nationals, who have come to our country within the last few years, represent a problem in respondents’ neighbourhoods. Within the whole Czech Republic, these people pose problems according to three quarters of respondents.