Attitudes of the Czech Public towards Employing Foreigners

The research showed that the attitude of the Czech public towards employing foreigners is not clear cut in this country: 45 % of respondents think it is correct, a similar number - 44 % have an opposite opinion. Most respondents believe that a cheap foreign labour force represents a threat to employing Czech citizens (82 %) and that the employing of foreigners in areas with high unemployment should be cut down (81 %).

Almost two thirds presume that foreigners should be employed only in such professions, which citizens of the Czech Republic are not interested in (63 %). At the same time respondents mostly do not think that when taking on employees it is correct to give foreigners from the EU countries preferential treatment over other foreigners (55 %). The influx of foreign capital is usually considered as a possibility of improving the situation in our labour market (58%).