Ideas about the Best Age for Starting a Family

Almost 60 % of respondents think that the ideal age for a father at the birth of his first child should range from 25 to 29 years of age. A third of the people approached gave the age over 29 and less than 9 % the age under 25. For judging the ideal age of a mother there is a prevailing opinion (51 % of respondents) that a woman should give birth to her first child before 24 years of age. 44 % of respondents stated the age range between 25 and 29 and only less than 5 % consider the age of 30 or more to be the best for the birth of the first child.

An overwhelming majority of respondents (almost 74 %) see a two-child family model as ideal. A fifth of respondents consider a family with three children to be best. Five people out of a hundred prefer one-child families.