Public tolerance

Respondents were shown a list of groups of people and they had to choose which group they would not want to be their neighbours. Czech citizens refused these groups of people to be their neighbours : alcoholics (87%), drug addicts (87%), people with criminal past (77%), Romanians (75%). Other groups of people were supposed to be more or less acceptable.

A third of people said, they would want to live far from homosexuals (34%), emotional unbalanced people (32%),almost a fifth of public would not want people with different colour of skin (22%), foreigners living in Czech Republic (21%) to be their neighbours and 1 out of six respondents would not want rich people to be their neighbours, the unwanted people are also rich people (17%),politicians (16%).


Respondents scarcely chose these groups of people : young people (9%), poor people (8%), people with another belief (7%), Jews (6%), followers of different politics (4%), old people (3%), handicapped people (2%) not to be their neighbours.

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