Czech citizens and public holidays

In December survey respondents were questioned about what they think of public holidays and its celebration. The survey showed that three quarters of Czechs (76 % of respondents who answered either it is very important or it is rather important) say it is important to commemorate public holidays, on contrary 19 % of respondents suppose it to be unimportant. People over 60 and older said it is definitely important to celebrate public holidays while people at the age 15-29 (more than people from other age groups) chose the answer “it is rather unimportant“.


We also focused on public attitude to celebration of public holidays. Although most of citizens think it is important to celebrate public holidays, the respondents´attitude to celebration of public holidays is half hearted. More than a half of respondents answered that they commemorate but not celebrate more than a half from the list of public holidays. Approximately a quarter of respondents do not know or commemorate 4 out of 10 public holidays.

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