Marriages in the Czech Republic

In November survey CVVM SOÚ AV focused on public attitude to weddings and ideal age to have a first child.

Marriage is not worthless institution for 70 % of respondents. More than 60 % of unmmarried people would like to get married in future (64,4 % of women and 63,6 % of men) and a sixth of divorced people wish to marry somebody in future (16,9 % women, 16,0 % men). Only a few widowed people want to get married, 3,2 % widowed women and any widowed men.

Most Czech citizens (68,5 %) suppose 2 children to be the ideal number of children in family. According to respondents the best age to have a first child is between 20 -26 years for women. The results of the survey show us that respondents think the most suitable age to have first child is between 25 – 30 years for men.

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