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The Opinions of Czech Citizens on Partnership, Marriage and Parenthood - April/May 2024

As part of the research conducted during the spring of 2024, the Centre for Public Opinion Research of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic focused in more detail on the topic of partnership, marriage and parenthood. Opinions on the optimal number of children in a family, the ideal age of men and women at the birth of their first child and other attitudes related to parenthood and partnership were examined.

Less than three quarters of Czech citizens (72%) consider the two-child family model to be the most suitable, a family with more offspring is preferred by less than a quarter (22%) of citizens, and less than a tenth (6%) prefer families with one child.

Almost half (46%) of Czech citizens believe that the ideal age for a man to become a father for the first time is up to and including 29 years of age. Approximately the same proportion (50%) of people said that the age of the father at the birth of the first child should be 30 years or older.

More than four-fifths (83%) of respondents thought that a woman should become a mother by the age of 29 (inclusive). Less than a fifth (17%) of citizens currently believe that the ideal age of a mother at the birth of her first child is 30 years or older.

The Czech public overwhelmingly agrees with the statement that divorce is acceptable when the family is dysfunctional, with 85% of respondents agreeing. Almost three quarters of citizens (72%) agree that they are in favour of people living together when they are not planning to marry. Marriage is not a necessity for nearly two-thirds of the public (63%) between parents who both live in the same household with their children.

The highest proportions of disapproving responses are for the negatively worded statements that it is wrong for partners to live together in the same home unless they are married (79%) and that a bad marriage is better than no marriage (79%).

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