Citizens about Their Experience with Crime

The experience of having a car broken into has been acquired by 17% of respondents or other members of the household within the last 12 months. Thefts up to the value of CZK 3,000 (16 %) are also quite common. Approximately every tenth respondent disclosed that a bribe had been demanded from him or another member of the household (11 %), the sum of items of a value exceeding CZK 3,000 (10 %) had been stolen from him, or his cottage or chalet had been burgled (9 %).

Financial frauds also appear quite often, bringing the number of victims to 8 % of the citizens. Seven percent of respondents spoke of a physical attack. Also seven percent experienced burglary in their house or flat and six percent had their cars stolen. Information about sexual harassment experienced by the respondents themselves or by those close to them was provided by four percent of the respondents in the survey. The established data show that there are significant numbers of criminal acts not registered by the police. The survey confirmed that some criminal acts, such as demanding bribes, financial frauds and sexual offences often stay hidden. The least reported crime is extortion of bribes, where the ratio between the reported and non-reported cases amounts to 1: 10.