Citizens and Safety

Currently, 38% of respondents are satisfied and 21 % dissatisfied with the way the police look after the order and safety of citizens in their neighbourhood. Another 38% are “neither satisfied, nor dissatisfied” with the activities of the police. Moreover, the research concentrated on how safe citizens felt in their neighbourhoods and inside their homes. The performed survey has shown that the feeling of safety in one’s own home has changed only relatively little in the course of the last five years: most citizens feel safe during the day, even after dark; however the feeling grows weaker after dusk.

Currently, 9% of respondents do not feel safe at home during the daytime and 18% after dark. As far as safety in the neighbourhood during daytime hours is concerned, then the proportion of respondents who do not have this certainty is identical to the one established in connection with the home environment, i.e. 9 %. However, after dark the feeling of endangerment in the streets rapidly increases, up to 40 %.