Evaluation of the last year’s development in the Czech Republic

In January 2004, all respondents were asked the following question: ‘Do you think that during last year the following areas improved, deteriorated or remained unchanged in the Czech Republic?’ The respondents are of the opinion that no major changes occurred in most of the monitored areas. The absolute majority of those polled did not register any change in respect of the observance of human rights, the possibility of citizens to participate in the decision-making process about public affairs, culture, political situation in the Czech Republic and our relations with foreign countries.

A half of citizens also think that the legal environment and the environment have not changed in our country. Czechs take a positive view of, in particular, the range of goods and services (58% of all respondents think that the existing situation has improved). Over a third of those surveyed also gave a positive assessment of the development concerning the accession of our country to the European Union, the environment, relations of the Czech Republic with abroad, and culture. The development in most of the monitored areas is, however, viewed negatively by a great proportion of respondents. The largest percentage of respondents (a total of 90%) is dissatisfied with the last year’s development of unemployment. Three quarters of those polled took a negative stand on the last year’s development of the Czech health sector. Over a half of Czech citizens also gave a negative assessment of the development of social security, safety of citizens (the so-called general crime), corruption, agriculture, functioning of the economy, economic crime and living standards.