Citizen involvement in public affairs

In an April survey, the Public Opinion Research Centre of focused, inter alia, on the involvement of people in the political and economic life of the society, and on membership in various organisations. We first asked the respondents whether they, apart from voting, have been involved in political life during the last ten years. 16% of them were engaged in politics on communal level, as opposed to only 2% participating in politics on higher - regional and nationwide - levels.

82.3% of respondents say that during the last ten years, elections have been their only involvement in political life. Membership in a political party is one of the ways of being engaged in politics – 31% of the people who got involved in politics are members of a political party, as opposed to only 1.5% of people not active in politics. The biggest share of people active in politics is among voters of the KSCM – 29.4%, while the smallest involvement is among citizens not knowing whom they will vote.