The state of democracy in the Czech Republic

What do respondents think about the functioning of our political system and how do they evaluate the current political system in comparison with the pre-1989 one? The people polled used an evaluating scale from 1 (the system is functioning very poorly) to 10 (the system is functioning very well) to evaluate individual political systems. The pre-November 1989 political system scored an average rating of 4.

04 among respondents. Compared to the pre-November system, the current political system of the Czech Republic fared somewhat better, earning an average rating of 4.93. The respondents are anticipating major improvement in the future - the political system they are expecting in the Czech Republic in 10-years time received a rating of 6.57. 31% of those polled think that interests of all or at least of the majority of citizens are satisfied in our country. Another part of the survey dealt with whether people can speak openly about problems in the society, whether they can influence how the problems are handled and whether their requirements are met. At the end, the respondents also compared various aspects of their life to how they lived before 1989.