Politicians´ Interest in the Views of Citizens and Citizens' Ability to Influence the Public Sphere - February 2018


In its regular February survey the Public Opinion Research Centre further examined whether people think that politicians are interested in the views of citizens, and whether in the opinion of the Czech public, people have certain opportunities to influence the public sphere.

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Regarding the interest of politicians in the views of citizens, the vast majority (79%) of the Czech public thinks that only minority of Czech politicians is interested in people's opinion. Exactly 13% of the population believe that in the views of citizens is interested none of Czech elected politicians.

Within the possibilities to influence the public sphere a significant shift has not occurred in any researched sphere in comparison to the previous year.

While assessing the views on politicians´ interests and the potential to influence public sphere, the results seem to be related to the assessment of living standards of respondent's household. People with good living standards tend to be more optimistic in the question whether politicians are interested in the views of citizens and are more likely to feel they can influence public sphere.

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