Citizens' Ability to Influence the Public Sphere and Views on the Participation of Citizens in Decision-Making – Autumn 2023


In its autumn survey, the Public Opinion Research Centre examined views on the involvement of citizens in decision-making process, and whether in the opinion of the Czech public, people have certain opportunities to influence the public sphere.

The majority of Czech society (62%) thinks it is possible to openly express oneself about social problems. In contrast, less than a fifth (18%) believe that it is possible to influence solutions to problems at the national level.

A strike and work in a political party were rated as the most effective methods of enforcing a change in the law, with less than half of the Czech public (49%) considering them to be at least somewhat effective. On the other hand, people consider work in a church and hunger strikes to be the least effective methods of enforcing a change in the law.

Citizens should make decisions on important local issues. This view is supported by 78 % of interviewed. On the other hand, decisions on important laws and international treaties should be made by elected politicians. This view is supported by 70 % of citizens in the case of laws and 77 % in the case of international treaties.

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