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During the last two months before the parliamentary election when the election campaign was becoming more intensive, there was a modest increase in the number of respondents (to 48%) saying that they find the campaign annoying. In contrast, fewer respondents held the opinion that the campaign is necessary and influences the election outcome. Political activities of respondents did not change before the election.

They most frequently read about politics in newspapers (59%) and discuss it with friends (50%). Only 5% of those polled devote their time to work for a party. Participation in election meetings was their only active involvement in the election campaign. The meetings were attended by 22% of respondents, most frequently by potential voters of the KSCM and the ODS. Those surveyed think that politicians should focus primarily on the pension system reform (considered unimportant by only 7% of respondents) and the tax reform. The deregulation of rents, tuition and accession of the Czech Republic to the EU are also considered important topics.