The public evaluates political parties

The results from early June show that 56% of respondents take a critical view of how parties behave, of which 34% generally dislike the behaviour of parties and 22% say that the situation makes them disgusted. On the other hand, 27% of those polled are critical of some parties only and 4% express general satisfaction with how political parties behave. Relative satisfaction with how parties behave has been reported among people with good living standards and supporters of the ODS and the CSSD.

On the other hand, people over 60 years of age, citizens with poor living standards and supporters of the KSCM are often disgusted. How parties behave was more positively viewed by those respondents who were determined to participate in the coming election to the Chamber of Deputies, whereas disgust was more frequently expressed by those who were firmly decided not to vote. Almost a half of respondents were critical of the ODS and the KSCM, and about a quarter of the Coalition, the CSSD and the SPR-RSC (Association for the Republic-Republican Party of Czechoslovakia).