Political parties and the European integration as seen by the Czech public

A June survey by the Public Opinion Research Centre included, inter alia, an aggregate of questions investigating what the Czech public thinks about political parties and the European integration process. Almost a third of Czech citizens over 18 years of age sympathise with no political party. Less than a quarter of respondents sympathise with the ODS, while 13% of those polled sympathise with the KSCM and 9% with the CSSD.

The KDU-CSL is another party having a significant percentage of sympathisers (7%) Supporters of the KSCM feel most affinity with ‘their’ party, with over a fourth feeling ‘very close’ to the party and almost a half ‘quite close’. A relatively close relation with the party is also characteristic of supporters of the KDU-CSL. In contrast, roughly a half of voters of the ODS and the CSSD consider themselves mere sympathisers of these parties.

As regards the European integration, opinions of the Czech public are deeply ambivalent. However, if those polled are divided into two groups according to which opinion pole they inclined towards, it can be said that 44% of them think that the unification process has gone too far. In contrast, 38% of respondents inclined to the opinion that the unification process should be intensified.