On the elections to the regional councils

All respondents eligible to vote (except Prague citizens, 827 respondents) were asked the following question: ‘The elections to the regional councils are going to be held in November. Will you participate?’ The question was answered yes by 58% of those surveyed (‘definitely yes’ by 25% and ‘probably yes’ by 33%), while 30% said no (16% ‘probably not’ and 14% ‘definitely not’) and 12% did not know.

Despite the above data, it is possible to infer, on the basis of past experience, that roughly a third of eligible voters are most likely to participate in the elections.

Those polled who expressed willingness to participate in the elections were then asked the following open question (without a list of parties being used): ‘What political grouping or party are you going to vote for in the elections to your regional council?’ The answers indicate that most votes would be given to the Civil Democratic Party (ODS, 35%), followed by the Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD, 24%), the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM, 15.5%) and the Christian and Democratic Union–Czechoslovak People’s Party (KDU-CSL, 11.5%). The October survey reveals that other parties would be voted for by fewer than 5% of respondents.