Party preferences in late January 2002

No major sociodemographic differences were reported among CSSD supporters (23%). The ODS (18.5%) is attractive primarily for respondents with good living standards and voters with university or full secondary education. The party also occupies a strong position among businessmen and tradesmen, white-collar employees, intellectual workers and among Prague inhabitants. The KSCM (13.5%) is traditionally appealing to pensioners, voters with poor living standards and respondents with primary education.

The party also attracts large numbers of unemployed people. Voters of the KDU-CSL (8%) include a greater percentage of women, pensioners, inhabitants of Southern Moravia, respondents with primary education and people over 60 years of age. Except respondents with full secondary education, no sociodemographic group is strongly represented among supporters of the US-DEU (4%). A greater percentage of respondents with good living standards, university-educated people and women are found among respondents who supported the Four-Coalition (7%).