Evaluation of European Integration

According to the October survey, 26% of respondents rate activities of the European Union favourably and 11% are of the opposite opinion. 41% of citizens see EU activities as neither clearly positive nor negative. More than 70% of respondents agree with the statement that values of democracy and co-operation are asserted in the EU. On the other hand, according to 44%, equality is not practised in the EU, they also view critically the enforcement of justice and tolerance.

Satisfaction with the speed of the European integration process was expressed by 26 % of citizens. 15% of people consider it too fast and according to 21% the process is too slow. Moreover we were also establishing if according to citizens the European integration is beneficial or harmful in the fields of economy, politics, culture, defence and ecology. They value most positively the benefit of the integration in the area of ecology (78%), culture and defence. People have the most critical opinion in relation to the economic integration – a whole quarter considers it to be harmful.