Expertise, quality, objectivity

Respondents are mostly convinced about the partial loss of sovereignty of the country. Furthermore, on one hand people more frequently think that the membership of the CZ in the EU will bring greater security, greater legal and democratic safeguards, improvement in the quality of Czech legislation and economic benefits, but also risks associated with migration of the population and economic problems including a drop in the standard of living.

If we take a look and compare opinions of our respondents and deputies and senators, a clearly more positive opinion in most areas was declared by deputies from the Assembly and even to a slightly greater degree by senators. Citizens most often think that group interests, lobbies, play the most important role during discussion of laws connected with the entry of the CZ to the EU in Parliament. Only after this opinion, does the “compliance with the requirements of European law” follow. Furthermore, people are of the opinion that during discussions the “party” aspect is more important than the professional point of view and taking into consideration national interests is seen by respondents as the least present. While the citizens attribute important roles to group interests, lobbies and party aspects during discussion of laws connected with the entry of the CZ to the EU, our legislators do not see it in this way and place priority on national interests and a professional point of view.