Citizens on Membership of the CZ in NATO

61 % of citizens are currently satisfied with the membership of the CZ in NATO; on the other hand 23 % of respondents expressed their dissatisfaction. The Czech public continues to see Czech membership in NATO as more or less a certain form of subordination of the country to foreign powers (50 %) than an instrument ensuring its independence (43 %). According to 49 % of citizens the membership of the CZ in NATO is an instrument ensuring peace and safety for the country; on the contrary 46 % see it as a factor bringing an increased risk of the Czech Republic being dragged into a war.

71 % of people think that the membership of the CZ in NATO increases peace and stability in Europe; whereas 21 % assume that it will lead to increasing tension and uncertainty in the Continent. 45 % believe that the integration of the CZ into NATO increases its significance in the world. According to a half of respondents (52 %), Czech interests and safety within NATO enjoy the same or even greater importance compared with significance attributed to the interests of the previously integrated countries, while 26 % think that the interests and safety of other states are treated preferentially.