Attitudes of Czech Citizens towards the Upcoming Attack on Iraq

As far as the situation relating to Iraq is concerned, the basic monitored question is the agreement or disagreement with the discussed military intervention. At the beginning of February 2003, a military action was supported by a total of 22% of the Czech population, which is a little less than the figure in the preceding month. Since the start of US efforts to continue the fight against terrorism in this way, this recorded level of agreement has been at its lowest as of yet.

More and more of the Czech population is becoming opponents of intervention and at the beginning of February 2003 this figure rose to more than two thirds. The option, when the military operation would not be approved by the Security Council of the UN, recorded even more distinct disagreement. Support for the most of forms of Czech participation in the planned conflict does not go beyond the fifty percent mark and it is lower, when compared with the situation a year ago.