Expertise, quality, objectivity

Similarly, as in the previous two years, even this year citizens consider media to be the main guarantor of providing information about the integration of the country in the European Union. They also find the function of the government to be very important. More than two fifths of respondents included elected representatives of both chambers of the Parliament, and also scientific and educational institutions among the most important entities.


The importance of political parties was emphasised by 29 % and the importance of the President by more than a fifth of respondents. In connection with the possible consequences of the integration of the country in the European Union, respondents most frequently shared the opinion that this step would bring a partial loss of sovereignty to the country, moreover that it would be necessary to face risks in connection with migration of the population and that significant economic problems would occur. Apart from this, a larger part hopes for improvement in the legal safeguards, strengthening of the safety of the country and democratic principles. With a lesser optimism, people expect economic advantages from the entry and an improvement in the quality of legislation. They distinctly see their future standard of living as worse, only a third of respondents think it will increase.