Trust in monitored international institutions and attitudes to foreign politics and to position of the USA in the world

Trust in all monitored international institutions outbalances distrust in them.

The most trusted position among all monitored international institutions enjoys OSN. Three fifths of respondents (61%) confide in OSN, while a quarter of respondents (26%) expressed their distrust

in it. More than a half of repondents (56%) trust in European Union, on the other hand 35% distrust in it.

NATO has relatively less of trustees (48%), when two fifths of respondents do not trust in NATO.


In Czech Republic three quarters of citizens share an opinion, that USA preffers own power and own political interests in foreign politics. And two fifths of citizens think that USA do not care about world partnership‘opinion. According to more than two fifths of respondents, contemporary foreign politics in the USA present a threat to this world, on contrary almost same part of czech public (40%) does not agree with this opinion. There is same situation in opinions of czech public about a question, whether U.S. try to secure stability a peaceful structure of the World, while 47 % agree with this statement a 44% disagree with it.

Next question- whether the USA stand for defence of freedom,democracy and human rights was answered positively by almost a half of responedents, on contrary 40% of respondents did not agree with it.

Statement whether USA have right to use military power against non-democratic regimes was agreed by less than a fifth of czech citizens, 7 out of 10 citizens are against it.

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