Belief and satisfaction of Czechs with UN, EU, NATO

Within the February survey of CVVM SOÚ AV ČR there was probed the confidence of Czech Citizens in European Union, North Atlantic Alliance and United Nations and then the satisfaction with membership of these institutions. More than half of Czech people confide in United Nations (56 %), on the other hand 27 % people have sceptic attitude towards this institution. Half of Czechs trust in European Union, but two fifths (40 %) have an opposite opinion.

Relatively the smallest part of Czech population finds North Atlantic Alliance trustworthy (45 %) and almost the same part of Czechs (40 %) does not share their positive opinion. People expressed their highest satisfaction with membership of United Nations, on contrary membership of North Atlantic Alliance was evaluated the worst. Almost two thirds of Czechs are satisfied with membership of UN, on the other hand one fifth talks about dissatisfaction (19 %). Almost three fifths of Czech people are satisfied with membership of European Union (58 %), one third is dissatisfied (32 %). The lowest satisfaction with membership was investigated in relation to North Atlantic Alliance – half of people is satisfied (50 %), more than one third of Czech citizens feels dissatisfaction (36 %).

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