Czech Public on Conflict in Ukraine - Autumn 2022


In a survey conducted in period since September to the beginning of November 2022, the Public Opinion Research Centre focused a set of questions on the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Less than three fifths (57%) of the Czech public are interested in the development of the situation in Ukraine, which is 21 percentage points less than in the spring of this year.

More than seven tenths of citizens consider the situation in Ukraine to be a threat to world peace (74%), the security of the Czech Republic (72%) and European security (71%).

Only slightly more than two-fifths of citizens (42%) agree with the government's actions to support Ukraine, slightly more than half (52%) disagree with them. Support for the government in this regard fell by 16 percentage points compared to the spring of this year, and disapproval increased by 17 percentage points.

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