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Only a quarter (26%) of those polled say that ten years ago they agreed with the break-up of Czechoslovakia, whereas at that time there were twice as many opponents of the break-up (59%).

More than a majority of respondents (55%) now view the break-up of the common state of Czechs and Slovaks as a good move, while over a third of those polled (36%) think to the contrary. In this context, it is remarkable how substantial is the discrepancy between the proportion of those who say they agreed with the break-up ten years ago (26%) and the proportion of respondents who nowadays consider the break-up a step in the right direction (55%).
Nearly a half of those surveyed (44%) hold the opinion that the quality of the current relations between Czechs and Slovaks is equal to that before the break-up of the common state. Roughly a third of respondents (32%) consider the current relations to be even better, whereas only 17% are persuaded to the contrary.