Expertise, quality, objectivity

People place the greatest trust in persons they know (88% of respondents trust most of them). More than a half of respondents (54%) are of the opinion that they can believe the majority of people in our country, whereas roughly two fifths are persuaded to the contrary. Those surveyed generally consider our media (62%) and the army (55%) to be trustworthy. A large proportion of respondents also trust the police (53%), as opposed to 43% who mistrust it.

Our political system is viewed somewhat ambivalently: 48% of citizens believe it, whereas 47% do not. About a fifth of respondents find non-profit organisations non-transparent, while the others think that their image is trustworthy (41%), or untrustworthy (37%). Financial institutions, courts, churches and trade unions are regarded as untrustworthy by a large proportion of the population, with financial institutions faring worst – at present, they are mistrusted by roughly three quarters of those polled.