Public opinions on the activities of women in politics

In June, the Public Opinion Research Centre conducted a survey dealing with, inter alia, the issue of women in politics. The vast majority of Czech citizens (84%) hold the opinion that the involvement of women in public affairs is beneficial to society. On the other hand, only a tenth of respondents think that it is not beneficial. Less than a quarter of respondents believe that the participation of women in public life is sufficient.

Over two thirds of those polled think to the contrary. Most Czechs think that women are being prevented from entering politics because of family duties (80%), traditions (74%) and social conditions (69%). More than a half of those surveyed also agreed with the statement that men in politics would not allow women to join them. Concurrently, three fifths of those surveyed believe that women are not interested in politics. On the other hand, the majority of respondents disagree with the statement that women in politics accept male role models, are insufficiently assertive and lose their femininity. The majority of respondents do not believe that politics is difficult and that women must first learn it. The Czech public has deeply ambivalent views on the statement that politics is hard and sometimes also dirty, and little suitable for women.