Left-right political orientation and ideas about the most acceptable political platform and opinions on the role of the state

As a part of November survey there was a question about position of czech public in the left-right political spectrum.

One can see that in the left-right political spectrum, the czech population is divided in a way that corresponds with most patterns in the population. The most of people represents average figures (20 %) and their number is slowly decreasing towards the edges. Only 3 % of respondents place themselves to both extreme categories.


There was also a question about public idea about the most acceptable political platform. The social-democratic platform is supposed to be the most acceptable (23 %) followed by liberal platform (20 %) and socialistic platform (19 %). Then there is also conservative platform supposed to be acceptable by 13 % respondents. 7 % of people consider ecological platform to be the most acceptable. Christian-democratic (christian-social) platform or national (patriotic) platform were reasonable only for twentieth of respondents. 4 % of addressed citizens supported communist platform, radical or anarchistic platform is supported by only 1 % of respondents.

Next question was focused on public opinion of various social and economical areas. Respondents had to choose between 5 pairs of antithetic statements which represented extreme opinion edges.

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