Respondents’ opinions on some issues in the Czech Republic Assessments and expectations

In as assessment of the current state of some affairs and developments in our country, the environment became most positively evaluated area, receiving 36% of favourable opinions, 14% of unfavourable opinions; while roughly a half of respondents were unable to decide. In all other instances, the number of dissatisfied usually outweighed the number of satisfied by a large margin. The respondents were highly critical of the health sector (35%) and the functioning of authorities (33%).

When describing their satisfaction with living standards, the respondents most frequently opted for the answer ‘half-satisfied’ (46%). As regards the social security, dissatisfaction was the most common occurrence (42%) as opposed to 17% who were satisfied. Those polled also took a highly critical view of the judicature, an issue making roughly two fifths dissatisfied and only one out of ten respondents satisfied. Within the monitored areas and issues, corruption is perceived as by far the most critical problem with which almost three quarters of those polled are dissatisfied and at the same time roughly a third is very dissatisfied. The public generally expects that no significant changes will occur in the monitored areas during this year. If they do occur, the public is rather sceptical, especially about corruption the negative development of which is anticipated by 36% of respondents.