Political culture in the Czech Republic

Czech citizens are critical when talking about political culture of most of politically active people. More than a half of respondents evaluate political culture of members of Local Councils positively (59 % positively, negatively 29 %). Positive evaluation of members of Regional Councils also prevails (39 % positively, 23 % negatively). Positive attitude towards political culture of members of Government is shared by a third of Czechs (24 %).

Czech citizens are more critical when they talk about political culture of members of Chamber of Deputies, only more than a tenth of people talked positively about their culture. Political culture of Senators (their political culture is positively evaluated by 3 out of 10 interviewed people) outbalanced political culture of members of Chamber of Deputies. Political culture of politicians who are members of political parties is negatively assessed.

Almost two thirds of Czech citizens (62 %) think that morality of politicians should be judged more strictly than morality of other people. 6 out of 10 Czechs (59 %) said that politicians should be assessed according to both their performance of the profession and their private life.

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