Citizens looking back on the government’s actions in the past electoral term

As far as the departing monochrome minor cabinet of Miloš Zeman is concerned, the total results of the evaluation of the government’s actions in home and foreign policy, economy and with regard to overall contribution to the Czech Republic were relatively favourable. The number of critical views has not significantly surpassed the 30 % mark in any of the realised survey and it has always been at least approximately balanced by similar number of positive views and surpassed by the number of those, who regarded the government’s work as neutral.

In contrast to May, when there were differences in the evaluation of individual fields (relatively the best results were achieved by the foreign policy field, in case of the other fields the number of critical views varied quite a bit), the evaluation of the government’s work in foreign and home policy or economy just before the elections have not mutually differentiated at all. In comparison with the results of the May survey the evaluation of the government’s work was slightly less favourable, in particular in the field of foreign policy. The shift between May and June was most probably significantly influenced by the then culminating election campaign.