Expertise, quality, objectivity

The best positions are still in the hands of ČSSD, who occupy the first three ranks - Stanislav Gross (he enjoys confidence of 74% of the respondents), Petra Buzková (60%) and prime minister Špidla (56%). They are followed by the resigned US-DEU leader Hana Marvanová (38%) and KDU-ČSL leader Cyril Svoboda (33%). The top ten also features ČSSD ministers Součková (31%) and Škromach (28%), Václav Klaus from ODS (30%) and two more members of KDU-ČSL Jan Kasal (29%) and Zuzana Roithová (27%).

While comparing the level of trustworthiness of individual politicians within their own party, the best position in ČSSD belongs to Stanislav Gross but a rather high level is maintained also by Petra Buzková and Vladimír Špidla. As for ODS, the best judgements still belong to the leaving leader Klaus, who is followed by the resigned party leader candidate Tošenovský (26%) and Ivan Langer (25%). Other ranked ODS representatives were unable to reach the support of at least one fifth of the respondents. KSČM leaders Grebeníček, Filip and Ransdorf enjoy similarly high level of confidence of a little less than a fifth of Czech citizens and their vice-chairman Balín is trusted by 3% of the respondents. As for KDU-ČSL, the highest level of trustworthiness – a third of the respondents – belongs to Cyril Svoboda, nevertheless Jan Kasal and Zuzana Roithová are relatively close behind. From the evaluated US-DEU politicians Hana Marvanová is regarded as the most trustworthy.