Confidence in constitutional institutions

The president is trusted by 58% and distrusted by 40% of citizens. Confidence in the president has been relatively stable at least since 1999 a regularly surpasses the 50% limit. The government of Vladimír Špidla enjoys confidence of 51% and is not trusted by 45% of the respondents. This third survey of the new coalition cabinet trustworthiness level confirms the September and November findings and is by far higher than the one expressed to the leaving Zeman’s cabinet in July (43%).

The new Chamber of Deputies is trusted by 36% of the respondents (i.e. 9% points more than in the case of the leaving Chamber of Deputies in July), and distrusted by 58%. The Senate enjoys confidence of 22% and is distrusted by 69% of the interviewees. The current level of confidence in the Senate is basically identical to its long-term evaluation in the years 2001 and 2002, which means that the trustworthiness growth in July survey was not confirmed this time. Regional councils are trusted by 42% and distrusted by 30 % of the interviewees. The population’s confidence in regional councils has been gradually growing, the level of distrust ranges between a third of the respondents and also the high number of ”I don’t know” answers (28%) has been gradually decreasing.