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The president of the republic is trusted by 58 % and not trusted by 39% of Czech citizens. The level of confidence in the president has been relatively stable since 1999 and is regularly above the 50% limit.

The government of Vladimír Špidla enjoys confidence of 49 % and is not trusted by 47 % of the respondents. This was the fourth survey of the coalition cabinet trustworthiness level and it has again confirmed the previous surveys – the level of trustworthiness still remains much higher than the one expressed to the leaving Zeman’s cabinet in July (43 %).


The Chamber of Deputies is trusted by 34 % of the respondents (i.e. 7 % points more than in the case of the leaving Chamber of Deputies in July) and distrusted by 61 %. The level of trustworthiness of the Chamber of Deputies has been oscillating between 20 to 30 % for the whole duration of its last term of office.

The Senate enjoys confidence of 23 % and is not trusted by 70 % of the respondents. The current level of confidence in the Senate is basically identical to its long-term evaluation in the years 2001 and 2002.

Regional councils are trusted by 37% and distrusted by 34 % of the interviewees. The population’s confidence in regional councils has dropped of about 5 % points compared to November. However, the evaluation of regional councils is still under the influence of a relatively high number of respondents answering ”I don’t know” (29 %).