International survey: evaluation of government and parliamentary opposition activities in Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland

The result of the international survey is the fact that in CR and Hungary positive evaluation of government activities prevails and relatively the most favourable attitude is expressed by the Czech public towards the government of Vladimír Špidla (the Czech coalition cabinet’s work up to now is evaluated positively by 51 % and negatively by 39 % of the respondents). A more critical approach prevails in Poland, where almost half of the respondents (47 %) maintains critical opinion on the work of Miller’s government.


The work of the parliamentary opposition is viewed rather negatively consistently in CR, Poland and Hungary. Moreover, in all the monitored countries the evaluation of the parliamentary opposition is comparable to a great extent. A positive view was expressed by a fifth or a quarter of the respondents and a negative one was pronounced by almost a half (in Poland and Czech Republic) or exactly one half (in Hungary) of the respondents. The activities of the parliamentary opposition in CR are evaluated positively by more than a quarter (27 %) and negatively by 48 % of the interviewees.