Confidence in constitutional institutions

In February Špidla’s government enjoyed confidence of 39 % of the respondents and on the contrary was distrusted by 57 %. Compared to January there has been a confidence level drop of 10 % points. The government’s trustworthiness level was below the 40 % mark last time in the year 2001. The Chamber of Deputies was regarded as trustworthy by 28 % and not trustworthy by 68 % of the respondents. The Chamber of Deputies also recorded a confidence level drop, although not as significant as in the case of the government.

The Senate is trusted by 24 % and distrusted by 70 % of the respondents. The current confidence in the Senate equals to the results achieved in 2001 and 2002. Regional councils are trusted by 37 % and distrusted by 32 % of the interviewees. A gradual growth of confidence in regional council has stopped, but there still remain a large proportion of ”I don’t know” answers (over 30 %). For the very first time we made inquiries concerning the confidence in local councils – they are trusted by 61 % and distrusted by 29 % of the respondents.