Politicians’ popularity

Despite his 4 % drop, the very top of the politicians popularity chart still belongs to Stanislav Gross (62 %). He is followed by president Václav Klaus and the ex-president Václav Havel (both scoring 55 %) and Petra Buzková enjoys 50% confidence.

In comparison with the April 2003 results there was a significant growth of the number of people trusting ministers Ambrozek and Mlynář. A rather significant public confidence drop, however, was experienced by minister Škromach, prime minister Špidla, ODS leader Topolánek, Senate chairman Pithart, president Klaus and minister Dostál.


While comparing the initial and current levels of public confidence in minister of Špidla’s government it is obvious that the level of trustworthiness dropped dramatically in the case of the premier and ministers, who were replaced during this period. A much evident drop equally affected ministers of Interior, Health and Culture. On the other hand, the level of trustworthiness has significantly grown in the case of ministers of Environment and Finance and people regard as more trustworthy also ministers of Transport, Agriculture, Local Development, Information Technology as well as the vice-minister for Science and Research. A stable level of trustworthiness is kept by ministers of Education and Foreign Affairs.