Government evaluation

January survey of CVVM focused – among other issues – on the evaluation of Vladimír Špidla’s coalition government. In this respect it was investigated the citizens’ satisfaction with the declared government programme, government activities, its communication with the wide public and its members. Majority of the respondents expressed discontent in all the monitored aspects. Relatively the highest level of satisfaction concerns the declared programme, which was approved by two fifths of the interviewees, while almost a half of them (48 %) declared discontent with it.

Špidla’s Cabinet communication with the wide public was evaluated positively by 23 % of the respondents (negatively by 70 %) and practically identical results were achieved in the issue of evaluating the government’s activities up to now (satisfaction was pronounced by 20 % of the respondents, discontent by 75 %) and also the government’s personal constitution (19 % satisfied, 73 % dissatisfied).

Another part of the research concerned the evaluation of the work of individual government departments (including the government office) within the last year. The respondents evaluated the departments’ work just like at school, i.e. by grades from 1 to 5. Only three government departments (Culture, Environment and Foreign Affairs) got better average grade than 3.00. On the contrary the worst grades were harvested by the Ministry of Health, which was the only department with average grade worse than 4.00.