Confidence in party leaders

Several times in a year we interrogate Czech citizens about whether they confide in the selected political leaders. This time the submitted list included the names of 27 politicians, who hold prime positions within the parties represented in the Chamber of Deputies.

Besides ČSSD leaders Stanislav Gross (regarded as trustworthy by 58 % of the respondents) and prime minister Špidla (31 %) it is also Miroslav Topolánek (40 %) who features at the top of the popularity chart.

They are followed by Foreign Affairs minister Cyril Svoboda and Jan Zahradil (both 30 %), Chamber of Deputies chairman Lubomír Zaorálek (29%) and Miroslava Němcová (27 %) and further on four politicians trusted by exactly one quarter of the respondents (Tlustý and Nečas of ODS , Kasal of KDU-ČSL and Ransdorf of KSČM).

In comparison with the results from the previous survey there was a rather significant rise of confidence (and parallel drop in non-confidence) in the case of ODS leader Topolánek. A rise of confidence level was equally enjoyed by J. Zahradil, L. Zaorálek, M. Součková and in particular M. Němcová (+ 12 %). On the contrary, the confidence level drop (together with the rise in non-confidence) afflicted KDU-ČSL leader M. Kalousek.

Some of the evaluated politicians belonging to top representatives of their parties remain relatively unknown to the public. Three quarters of the interviewees do not know the 1st vice-chairman of KSČM Balín and the same applies to US-DEU vice-chairman Hadrava and the chairmen of parliamentary clubs of KSČM (P. Kováčik) and ČSSD (P. Ibl). Petr Bendl (ODS) and Jiří Dolejš (KSČM) is unknown to almost a half of the Czech citizens and about two fifths of the respondents do not know minister Němec (US-DEU) and Jaromír Talíř (KDU-ČSL).