Confidence in constitutional institutions and satisfaction with political situation

In February 2005, Czech citizens expressed the highest level of trust to the president of the country, who enjoyed confidence of 70 % of czech citizens. In comparism to previous month Czech goverment’s position slightly worsened, though it enjoys confidence from a third of czech citizens. In comparism to January 2005 the Chamber of Deputies registered more important fall of trustworthiness , when approximately a fifth of citizens trust to czech goverment according to our survey.

Chamber of Deputies is found trustworthy by same number of citizens as at the end of the last year.Trustworthiness to Senate is quite stable for few last months and it is supported by a fifth of trustees.

Trustworthiness to local and regional councils is quite stable for few last months as well.

In February 2005 47% of Citizen expressed their trust regional council and 63% of them trust to local council.

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