Popularity of political leaders

CVVM interrogate czech citizens about whether they confide in the selected political leaders. This time the submitted list included the names of 27 politicians, who are representatives of the Parties represented in the Chamber of Deputies. Besides political leaders 1.vice chairman of ČSSD and minister of finance Bohuslav Sobotka is found most trustworthy(by 38 of trustees). Chairman of ODS Mirek Topolánek and chief magistrate of Prague Prahy Pavel Bém are regarded as a second most trustworthy people.

(They both share 35% of trustees)They are followed by a Foreign Affairs minister Cyril Svoboda (34%), who is followed by a vice chairman of a Chamber of Deputies and of ODS Ivan Langer (32 %), chairman of a Chamber of Deputies Lubomír Zaorálek (30 %) a minister of Defence Kűhnl (27 %). A quarter of respondents find trustworthy 1. vice chairman KDU-ČSL Jan Kasal, 1. vice chairman ODS Petr Nečas a a vicechairwoman of Chamber of Deputies and ODS Miroslava Němcová. If compared to results from last survey (see tabloid 1) confidence level drop afflicted prime minister and chairman of ČSSD Stanislav Grosse (minus 19% of points) and Miroslav Kalousek(-10 0). A rise of confidence level was enjoyed by B.Sobotka (+11%),. K. Kűhnl and L.Zaorálek ( both +7%).

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