Confidence in constitutional institutions and satisfaction with political situation

Highest level of trust, out of all constitutional institutions, enjoys president Václav Klaus,

though trust in him, expressed by citizens, is on the wane. 67% of respondents expressed their trust in the president. Contemporary government crisis shook with citizens’trust to government, but it shook with confidence in constitutional institutions as well and first of all with confidence in both Chambers of Parliament.

Similarly to last month trust of citizens to Senate was higher than trust to Chamber of Deputies. Only 15% of respondents expressed their trust in Chamber of Deputies, Senate enjoyed trust by 18 % of respondents.According to political situation in our country dissatisfaction outbalanced satisfaction with our political situation. In April 2005 only 7 % of citizens were satisfied with political situation in our country, on the other hand almost three quarters of citizens were dissatisfied with it.

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